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What's this workshop?

It's the first step towards building your mobile startup. Together with a team of mobile applications experts, you'll define the product, user flows, and the end goal for your product.

Our team will help you understand the technical, and user experience challenges together with the pros and cons of the solutions and will guide you towards finding the best solutions for achieving your product goals.

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Why should you do it?

This workshop is for early-stage founders who want to build a mobile startup but still have product, design, or technical questions, or they need guidance.

If that applies to you, in this one-day workshop, you'll get all your design, product, and technology questions answered by a team of mobile experts (business & product analyst, lead designer, and mobile development lead).

After this workshop, you should have all your puzzles solved and you'll be ready to start the design & development of your product or to pitch your idea to investors.

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  • User Personas (will help you understand and better target your customers)
  • Full specification of your product (with items prioritized based on your budget and desired outcome)
  • Business model details (comparison of different revenue sources and recommended sources for your app)
  • A product roadmap (milestones, feature scheduling, metrics of interest)
  • Customer journeys (flow charts for all the features of the app)
  • Technologies and technology stack recommendation (based on the budget and desired outcome)
  • Design (UI&UX) proposals (for 3 screens in the app)

What recommends us for this?

We've built over 50 mobile products for large enterprises as well as startups. Focusing only on mobile development we do it right, we use only native technologies approved by Apple and Google and the apps we've developed have topped the AppStore charts multiple times.

Writing coding is just a small part of what we are doing, our team of business, product, and design experts is focused only on helping founders build great mobile startups, as a testament to that, the founders who've worked with us have raised over €30 mil. in funding.

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