Bluetooth devices tracker.


Sniffer -- helps users find their lost Bluetooth devices, by giving directions to where their signal comes from. Moreover, the app also notifies its users when a device was left behind.


Bluetooth device tracking
Bluetooth device strength monitor
Device left behind notifications

Launch & Maintenance

Created marketing materials
SEO for AppStore
Analytics and link attributions


iOS development
Bluetooth Technologies development
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase

Scan and add devices

The app allows its user to scan and add tracking for all their Bluetooth devices -- AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, mouses, Fitbits, iPads, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Find lost devices

With the built-in Bluetooth signal strength monitor, users can easily find their lost devices, by moving in the direction that increases the signal strength.

Never leave the devices behind

Sniffers issues notifications every time one of the user's Bluetooth devices are left behind, in this way, users won't ever leave a place and forget their headphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.



2 weeks sprints
Daily standups


1 iOS
1 Q&A
1 Designer
1 PO/Scrum master


iOS (Swift)


February 2022 - March 2022

Take away and


The main takeaway of this project was to successfully build an app that would help many people with different Bluetooth devices by showing them how close they are to their devices and lead to their location. It was challenging but also fun since Bluetooth technology is fickle so it was rewarding to be able to build something that can help people on a daily basis with such contemporary common issues.


When it comes to design, the most fun and challenging part was to implement a good finding tool that would bring back great results, and after a complex analysis we came up with a fun solution, we chose a bright and friendly theme that everybody would find pleasing, junior or senior.


Following the design, one other fun takeaway of this project was creating the symbolic dog character, Rex the Sniffer. Integrating Rex in the UI of the app was an entertaining experience as it was challenging, but also extremely pleasing because we got the chance to play the artist and be craftsmen.


OneSave/Day — Individual Action. Global Impact.


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