We handle the full lifecycle of mobile products - strategy, design and mobile app development.

We are a one-stop product development studio. We offer all the necessary expertise to bring your idea to market.

How do we build great mobile apps?

As a cross-functional team, we start with strategy and move on to design, development, quality assurance and launch, making sure to tackle every aspect involved in the creation of your digital product with the right set of skills.

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In the first part of the process, we find digital solutions to the problems you want to achieve and search for growth opportunities to achieve your goals faster, together we will:


1-3 weeks


User research analysis, Clickable prototype, Described User-Stories, Technical Design document, Estimate and Timeline

People involved

Business Analyst, UX Designer, Mobile Team Lead



Using the insights from the Discovery phase, your UX/UI designer will flesh out the user stories, journeys, and states to create a clear, seamless, and delightful experience. The output of this phase is validated by our Visual QA team and potential customers of your product.


3-5 weeks


Wireframes, Design Screens in Sketch / AdobeXD

People involved

UX designer, UI designer, Usability QA



In a scrum-based Agile manner, our development and quality assurance teams code and test the app according to the agreed designs. You will receive builds every two weeks for tracking the process, gathering feedback, and adjusting features.


2+ months


iOS and/or Android mobile app

People involved

Mobile and Backend developers, Project Manager, QA engineers


Our expertise

We have over 10 years of experience in building mobile products. Our developers have worked on a large variety of projects and domains. Big corporations trust us for our efficiency and expertise. Startups love us for our agility, knowledge, and guidance in helping them achieve their goals and building products that received over €30 million in funding.

The most popular form of content nowdays is video by far, with stories and live broadcasting embedded in all your favorite services. We are experts in Live Video Streaming, Real-Time Group Chat and Live Comments.

Services that can be summed up as "Uber for...", are a huge interest for founders, the market for an on-demand delivery solution has surged. The main key features of such an app are Search, Shopping Cart, Ordering, Payment Processing as well as Delivery Status, and Real-time chat support.

With the rise of Open Banking, there are a lot of startups who tackled the finance world as there is a lot of room for innovation in this domain. Secure Authorization, Scheduling Payments, Processing Transactions, Transaction history — these are just some of the key features of the fintech products.

A new platform comes every decade, with the help of augmented reality we are able to create more engaging digital experiences. The key features of such apps are Placing and Interacting with digital objects in the real world.

From a hype topic, machine learning has become a norm in a large variety of apps that took advantage of the technological advances in this area. Some examples of what's possible in terms of ML are Object Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Human Body Pose, and Body parts detection.

The market of online shopping has exploded in the past couple of years, online is taking more confidently a large market share from offline shopping. We help clients reach more shoppers through dashing UI experiences and features like Search & Filter, Seller Rating, Ordering, Order status, Loyalty Programs, Payment Processing, Shopping Cart, and Real-Time chat support.

Health is the most important thing for a person, a lot of activities around this domain have moved online, especially with the appearance of wearable devices. Some of the most popular features are Chat for Doctors with Patients, Video/Audio Calls, Health Calendar, IoT Tracker Integrations, Dashboards, Integration with HealthKit & Google Fit.

With the rise of fitness trackers and smartwatches, the fitness industry has digitalized, replacing personal trainers with mobile apps. The main features of such apps are Activity tracking and visualization, Workout Videos, Personalized Calendars, HealthKit and Google Fit Integration, and Gamification.

We live in a connected world, and we are always at a tap away from a family member or friend. Social apps help us to achieve this goal, with features like

Content Sharing, Newsfeed, Real-time Chat, Location Tracking and Sharing, Live Video/Audio chat


There is a high increase in demand for educational services, from both specialized industries such as universities, learning centers, and freelance teachers. Audio, Video, and Text content accessing, In-App Purchases, Leaderboards, Daily Reminders, and Progress Tracking are just a few of the functionalities of those apps.

Technology stack

Native technologies are the only resilient and recommended way of building mobile apps by both Apple and Google. We focus solely on native development on the mobile side and support a wide range of services for backend development. This tech stack allows us to build apps that scale and work correctly on all the future updates of the mobile operating systems.

iOS app development
swift Swift
fastlane Fastlane
xctests XCTests
xcode Xcode
Android app development
kotlin Kotlin
java Java
espresso Espresso
android-studio Android Studio
Mobile backend development
rails Rails
node Node.js
firebase Firebase
aws AWS
google Google Cloud
travis Travis
jenkins Jenkins
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