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We build mobile applications for bold startups.

Trusted by ambitious companies, brands, and founders, with 50+ mobile apps built and over €30 million in funding received by the startups we work with, our team delivers high-quality mobile apps swiftly.

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Who are we, and what we do?

appssemble is a team of ordinary people who've built extraordinary mobile products for both startups and enterprises.

We work alongside founders and partner with them in the process of creating mobile apps: product definition, UX & UI, development, launch & marketing, post-launch activities, and support.

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We work with you to understand the problem you’re trying to solve and find the right digital product solution to that problem. We analyze the problem and help you choose the best alternative for your product.


Based on the insights gained, you'll collaborate with our designers and product people to create a user-friendly UI/UX experience. You'll also collect feedback from your target users in this process.


In a scrum-based agile manner, you’ll receive iterative builds every two weeks so that you can track the process, test the product, and make adjustments.

We are successful only if our clients succeed

We enjoy creating or improving mobile projects and take on some new challenges. Weather is Live-streaming, Augmented Reality, Fintech, On-demand delivery, E-Commerce, IoT, or Games, we've done them all.

More about our skills
A great mobile application helps you achieve your business goals while delighting your users. Our team of product strategists helps you identify and address the most crucial aspects of your mobile app, offering their best advice on what makes apps and people connect.

Together with our UX experts, we engineer pathways for your users to complete desired goals within the mobile app. To make sure the mobile application fulfills its purpose, we run usability tests in real-life scenarios.

We combine functionality with eye-candy designs, adding color, interactions, and all those twists and tweaks that make an outstanding mobile app design.

Not sure about the user experience? We build prototypes based on the designs so you can play with the app even before we start building all the core features in it. This is a great way to get the look and fill, without diving into heavy development.

Your mobile application will thrive in the hands of our skillful Android and iOS developers. We bring engineering together with creativity and expertise on tiny screens, to develop mobile apps using the technology that best fits your product.

We build custom back-end services for your app and your budget. We build solutions that handle all kinds of loads and user stress that are available 24/7 with no downtime.

We love playing and building apps that use Natural Language Processing, AI algorithms, AR/VR, and Machine Learning techniques. Not only do we believe this is the future, but we are also helping you shape it.

No feature of your mobile app goes live before being tested. We run manual and automated tests to make sure of the quality of the mobile application we build.

The team at appssemble met our expectations and deadlines.
Jimmy Wales
CEO, Wikipedia & Wikitribune
appssemble can develop what they claim from a technical perspective, and they reply quickly to any concern or request.
Pantelis Grigoriou
Founder & CEO, TIME Platforms Ltd.
I commend their consistency and the fact that their budget estimations are always accurate.
Mihai Motocu
CTO, Streamaxia
They’re serious, trustworthy, and able to deliver quality.
Cristian Gaudi
Founder, Plusar
The quality of the work was exactly what I paid for.
Pete Christianson
Managing Partner, Smalk Works
They stand out for their response rate, close collaboration, and flexibility.
Maxime Leroux
Founder, OneSave/Day

Can we help you

When it comes to mobile products, we've done it 50+ times, being trusted by enterprises and founders, but finding the right partner is always a difficult task.

That's why we conduct one-day one-day workshops to help founders validate their idea and its feasibility, pick the right feature set, and define the user flows, based on timelines, budgets, and goals.

It's a fast & productive way to get to know the team and how we work.

Workshop details

€30 mil. +

fundings received by our clients

50 +

mobile products built

1.000.000 +

people use our products

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