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Gain new knowledges in the areas you are interested in and share your experience with others. FIVE helps you connect and interact with people who share the same passion, because you are the sum of the FIVE people you spend the most time with.


Meetings creator
Location based meetings
Real time communication
TripAdvisor integration

Launch & Maintenance

Created marketing materials
SEO for AppStore
Analytics and link attributions


iOS development
Backend development
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase

Exciting people around you

The application finds nearby people that could help you improve your skills in various domains such as mathematics, computer science, arts and even parenting if you struggle with that, but it also offers you the chance to give something back to the world and share your expertise in the areas where you confident that you can help others.

Multiple domains

Weather you are interested in sports, medicine, music or computer programming, FIVE has it all. You can choose from a vast area of domains and start working towards your goal with the help of experts around you.

Real time communication

We live in a fast world, that is why is important to interact as easily as possible with your future connections. You don't need to share any personal information, you can contact them directly, in real time from the in-app chat.

Where to meet

In order for you to optimise your learning time, and not struggle with finding a right place in the calendar for meeting with a person who could help you with your hobbies or even more serious problems you are facing with bigger projects, FIVE suggest you places for you two to have lunch.

More insights

Before meeting your mentor or your student, is important to know who they really are. By checking out their profile, you can easily see what motivates them, and where their interests minggle with yours.



2 weeks sprints
Daily standups
Weekly status updates


1 iOS
1 Backend
1 Q&A
1 Designer
1 PO/Scrum master




September 2017 - Ongoing

Take away and


The most important challenge of this project was to find a way of interacting only with the people are you. We've build an algorithm that does just that, in addition to this, it also shows you a heatmap of the most active interests around you.


Our requirement for five was to create a minimalist design which has the user in is center. We've done that by building custom components that keep the look of the app minimalist while offering the user an easy and fast way of acomplishing their goals.


voicecal — Voice calories counter.


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