The classic Romanian word game.


The classic Romanian wordplay game, on mobile phones with the ability to play against the phone or another opponent. The idea of the game is really simple a random word is selected the first player has 30 seconds to find another Romanian word that starts with the last 2 letters of the given word. The process continues until one of the players doesn't know a word that matches the criteria, after 5 unknown words, the player loses.


Real-time communication framework
Time synchronization
Online/offline mode
Separate leaders boards for online/offline players

Launch & Maintenance

Created marketing materials
SEO for AppStore Update for the latest version of the iOS
Implemented a second version that has single-player capabilities
Multiplayer with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity


iOS development
Backend development
WebRTC & local area (WiFi/Bluetooth) communication framework
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase

Happy colors

When we designed fazan we wanted to create an app for kids or one that makes you feel like a kid again, that is why we went for a colorful and full of light design. The elements are big, intuitive, the app is easy to use and pleasant to the eye.


In this game, the time is an important factor that why we have built a communication system that transmits the messages with blazing fast speeds using either WebRTC or the local area networks while also keeping a timer in sync between the 2 players.


We have built a leader board for each variation of the game (single & multiplier). The users are more engaged if they can compete with friends, whether or not they have an Internet connection.


The point of every single game for kids is to educate them. We are doing this by helping them learn new words, we provide them with a list of all the used words in the app and they can read their meaning and example of usages for each one of them. In this way, the children spend their time in an educative and playful way.



2 weeks sprints
Daily standups
Weekly status updates


1 iOS
1 Q&A
1 Designer




September - December 2018

Take away and


This project was one that was close to our hearts because almost everyone at appssemble played fazan in his childhood.

Technically the most challenging part was creating a new system for real-time communication and time synchronization which should work over the Internet as well in local area networks. We achieved this by creating a communication framework (which we also Open-Sourced) that uses WebRTC and a combination of other communication protocols for local area network communication.


As a take away from this project, we've learned that it is never too late to be a child again and we enjoyed testing the game as much as we did when we were children and played it. It was a real pleasure to be able to bring this game back to life in the digital age.


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Here’s looking at you, kid.

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