Neon made popular.


The neon prohibition is over. With the Doira app, you can now see how your neon would look directly on your wall using Augmented Reality. Configure your text, choose your favorite color and send your request in one click.


Multiple fonts
Multiple colors
Multiple sizes & price calculation
Custom baselines
AR model creation and placing

Launch & Maintenance

SEO for AppStore
Analytics and link attributions
Conducted advertising campaign on the AppStore


iOS development
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase


When building a custom neon, the most important thing is the message. In addition to this, it is not what you're saying is how you're saying it, that is why you can pick from a variety of fonts, specially built for neons.


The color of the message adds another emotional meaning to what you want to transmit. Besides those, we have also built-in 3 different sizes so that the neon fits in every type of home. In addition to this, you can always see the price of your masterpiece in real-time as you configure it.

See it in action

Having a neon is a bold design move, that is why after choosing a baseplate, you can see it how it looks like in reality by placing the newly created artwork directly on your walls. We build algorithms that estimate the size of your masterpiece and places it in your favorite space with high accuracy.



2 weeks sprints
Daily standups
Weekly status updates


1 iOS
1 Q&A
1 Designer
1 PO/Scrum master


Augmented Reality


Feburary - March 2020

Take away and


The major challenges of this project were to identify what items are important for someone who buys a neon to configure and how to build a system that would allow them to see it how it looks like in real-time. We have managed to overcome both of them by building a vast configurator and options based on our client capabilities and added cutting edge technologies -- Augmented Reality for offering the users the ability to see it on their walls.


We got the chance to play the artist. In the process of building creative tools for users and businesses, we have also had the opportunity to be artisans ourselves. At appssemble, we always walk the shoes in our users and it was tremendously fun to be an artist for a couple of weeks.


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