Live AI enhanced video and screencast streams to all content platforms simultaneously.


Deliverer streams live video, screencast streams and AR-enhanced video feeds to all content platforms simultaneously. You can go live out-of-the-box to all your favorite platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube). The app was made for content creators as well as digital agencies who wish to advertise their products or engage with their customers. Moreover, the built-in technologies allow you to stream to any other RTMP and RTMPs servers.


Social platforms integration (Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube)
Live video streaming from different sources to multiple platforms
Screencast streaming
AR/VR enhanced streams

Launch & Maintenance

Created marketing materials
SEO for AppStore
Landing page for the first version
Periodically updates and bugfixes
New capabilities such as overlays and location-aware overlays


iOS development
Android development
C/C++ cross platform development
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase

LIVE selfies

Your friends are more engaged if you connect with them, you can do it easier by using the front-facing camera making your interaction more intimate. In addition to this, the user can see their audience feedback in real-time since we aggregate all the reactions from all the platforms together with the current view count.

Multiple views

Switch to the back camera for relating live events and experiences to all your audience, while keep monitoring the same metrics regarding your audience as in selfie mode.

Stream everything

We live in a new world where people stream everything from what they eat, where they travel or the latest news to the games they play. We have built the first live screen sharing to content platforms on mobile devices. You can easily stream the games you play, live showcasing other apps of features of the phones, or making tutorials on how to use a certain app.

Altering reality

deliverer gives superpowers to its users, they can enhance their streams with their favorite AR models directly from the app, whether there is a talking puppy or a famous DJ in your living room, some product placement on your streams, you can do it all. The models are location-aware so unlike classic overlays, the object appears on the stream exactly in the place you've put them.

Stream everywhere

With deliverer you can live stream to as many platforms as you want simultaneously, your video or screencast feed goes everywhere. Besides the already built-in platforms, you can easily add new ones since the app supports the widely used RTMP/RTMPs protocol is easily integrable with your favorite web servers.



2 weeks sprints
Daily standups
Weekly status updates and demos


1 iOS
1 Android
1 C/C++
1 QA
1 PO/Scrum master




July 2019 - Ongoing

Take away and


This project came with multiple technical challenges, the first one was to deliver in real-time video streams from the mobile devices to multiple RTMP/RTMPs servers. We overcame this by implementing our streaming technology which we also Open-Sourced and its available for others to use.


Another important challenge was integrating with big platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Youtube. While some of the services offered this capability, for the vast majority of them we had to implement custom solutions to connect to their servers in an easy and friendly to use manner while also having security in our mind. To our knowledge, this is the only solution on the market that offers this kind of capabilities out of the box.


Screencasting and enhancing the videos with AR models were other challenges we had to conquer. Unlike a typical mobile app that is usually served by a server, deliverer is a standalone full product capable of doing all those complex tasks by itself.

We've put a lot of work in the technology behind deliverer, we are proud we've managed to overcome all those challenges and deliver a great product while also giving back to the community (Open Source streaming library). The most important take away from this project was that with enough dedication and passion no challenge is too big or to complex for our team.


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