An easy guide on where to announce your startup to the world

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Do you think your hard work is done once you’ve developed your mobile app? Not really. If you want your app to perform well, you will need to actively promote it because success does not happen by itself. Promoting/marketing applications is difficult, and if you don’t have hundreds of followers on social media, it may seem impossible. However, there are certain things you may do to spread the word on your own.

People that enjoy your products are, of course, your primary advertising avenue. Their sharing efforts are the most effective kind of advertising. As a result, the fundamental concept is to develop a product that is helpful, usable, and appealing to end consumers. Then and only then does it make sense to share the word about the things you’ve done.

To give you more information on publishing your mobile app, here are 8 categories from where you can promote your new startup plus another:

Publishing News

Making an app release is probably the simplest method to introduce yourself and your company to the public. There are thousands of new enterprises popping up all over the place. So, publish your news on pages which you wish to be included. Reddit is perhaps one of the most interesting social networks. It can be very odd at times and users can be ruthless, but its 51 million unique users can nevertheless offer you a good community to promote your mobile app. After you draft an intriguing app release describing your startup's goals, you can share it either on Reddit or 13 other platforms, so download the handbook and check out the other sites as well.

Creating a Product Page

One of the most essential pages on your website is the product page. So it's obvious that you'd want to make a good one. Product pages that are well-designed can help convert browsers into customers. They also assist in providing your consumers with the knowledge they require to make an informed purchase. ProductHunt is a great place where you can submit carefree your app. There’s a ranking system that can be a bit intimidating but you can still get some good SEO boost there. Other than that, we have prepared for you 4 other sources to help you create your product page. Take a look.

Posting an Article

You have many choices now when it comes to posting articles about your startup. The internet is a beautiful and large place where you can even be a little pretentious when it comes to choosing where to post articles. One platform that’s growing is LinkedIn, and there you can promote your business just great since the audience is already there and LinkedIn might even promote your content, therefore you’ll get great reader engagement. We also have other 25 well-selected sites where you can publish great information about your startup for a massive community, so don’t miss them.

Sharing to the News Blogs

TNW said that when they couldn’t find a technology event where to promote their startup, so they decided to host their own. Check out their page and post news about your mobile startup. Consider what your target audience would find useful and entertaining, and keep a list of your preferred sites so you can quickly and easily discover links while doing status updates. Post interesting content regularly to establish your page as a reliable source of important information. You might leave a brief remark explaining why you believe it is essential to share. Try doing this on any of the 11 sites we have prepared for you.


Not all information can be written down, and much of what it can still isn't. It's still in people's brains or is only available if you know the proper individuals. Bringing together individuals with diverse viewpoints so they may better understand each other, and empowering everyone to share their knowledge for the benefit of the rest of the world, is one method to link the people who have information to the people who need it. Quora is one of the 2 social networks we establish the right usage of social media platforms. You can update your product’s new features and options and gather customers' attention with the Q&A method. Check the other platform where you can gather around a question and provide insights about your mobile app and startup.

Posting on Forums

Posting on a forum is a fantastic approach to receiving answers from the forum's community. A forum-related topic will encourage others to respond to your post. Once you've created an account in the forum where you want to post, you may start creating new topics. HackingWithSwift is a popular website among the iOS developer's community, and they have an App Announcement section where your can post your new mobile app and further announce your app updates or deals, and people or why not, possible customers can follow and appreciate you. We also recommend you 2 others, so feel free to check them out as well

Uploading a Video

Because YouTube is one of the most famous websites in the world, with a massive global audience, a solid YouTube social media plan may do wonders for your online success. And, while YouTube marketing may have appeared out of reach for small businesses and start-ups a few years ago, it is now easier than ever, so give it a try!

Signing up for Startup Listings

Startup directories are the greatest locations to gather feedback, early adopters, and press attention for your product/startup/app. As a result, when you establish a company or prototype, one of the most critical tactics to verify your business concept and acquire early user traction is to gain early user traction. Therefore, is it worthwhile to submit a new startup to the startup directories? Absolutely! Crunchbase has rather good, live data that is verified and updated daily to provide the latest customer information on your startup. We also prepared an adequate list containing the 26 best startup directory websites to assist you with marketing your startup release.

Apart from these, we also have another tip for your success in promoting your startup, so sign up with your email here (link or smth?) and download the entire article to find out what are the other 100 sites where you can announce your mobile app to the world. an-easy-guide-on-where-to-annount-your-startup-by-appssemble

The suitable choice of what you require will aid in the efficient use of resources, time, and effort. In turn, appssemble is prepared to maintain and upgrade your app in addition to building it. It’s simple, contact us for further information on how to fine-tune your application with no worries.


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