What are great car sell-buy apps made of?

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We are back with another article of the series What are great apps made of, where we talk about various types of apps, how their business work, who’s their target, and what it takes to build a great app in that field. Today we chose the car-selling/buying apps. You know, those spots that everybody visited at least once, to see if they could find the car they wish they have or to just browse for new cars on the market.

Whether it's a first-time purchaser searching for their first secondhand car or a classic car collector hunting for that beautiful vintage model, used car sites simplify the buying experience with thorough searchable listings, automobile reviews, buyers' recommendations, and more. However, used vehicle websites are more than just a resource for purchasers; they are also a wonderful resource for sellers to locate a buyer (sometimes many purchasers) for their used automobile.


Driving a new car is thrilling, but performing the research that goes before buying a new car might be intimidating if you have to visit car parks. Buying cars online offers several advantages over in-person dealerships. You have to travel to different locations where the vehicles you're interested in are, analyze them on the spot in a short span of time, with possibly little-to-no knowledge because, let’s be honest, not everyone knows what to look for when buying a car, its perks and flaw, and you can't always drag an engineer or auto service employee with you to check it, therefore leaving you with limited expertise on what you're buying. Not to mention that before you can take your new automobile home, you must negotiate a fair price.

So it can be a complex process that requires a lot of energy, time and knowledge. I ask you know, why should you do all of that anxious and pressing process when you can simply just lay relaxed on the couch and scroll through the app’s posts where you have at reach all the information about the car you're interested in, you can even send a simple link or a screenshot of the product description to a specialized friend wherever he is on this big beautiful planet, and ask if you're investing in something qualitative and if it's worth it, and once you’ve decided and chosen the perfect one, you can simply just go see it and check if you feel comfortable in the driver's seat.


It used to be difficult to sell your car in the past, you needed to take it to a dealer or to a car park. The dealers would give as low a price as possible to secure a high profit, or if you’d have sold it yourself, you probably would have ended up being one of those who sat in a car park on a Saturday and Sunday morning and presented the vehicle to interested buyers and then allow them to drive it around for a bit so they can check it. Time-consuming and tragic, I know.

Fortunately, the internet has altered all of that. Today there are plenty of options to sell your automobile online, all of which promote it to a far broader audience than the conventional techniques ever could because you were quite limited back then.

You may also be as active in the transaction as you like thanks to the different internet choices. If you're up for the task, you can interact with customers directly and handle everything yourself, or if you have other things to do with your time, you may now spend a few minutes inputting your car's data on the app’s page, then accept money from a specialized auto buying business and have them pick up the car from your home. Some sort of dealership but you can control the process tidier.

There are applications for the die-hard car aficionado hunting for that obscure contemporary classic. There are also applications available for those seeking a simple means of transportation to get from point A to point B. There are several applications available that alleviate the stress of acquiring a vehicle. These are our top picks: AutoScout24, Autovit & AutoTrader.


According to Google’s statistics, 95% of vehicles buyers use digital as a source of information. Twice as many chose online research instead of a dealership.

V12 says that “52% of car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships. Millennials lead the pack in their dislike, with 56% saying they’d rather clean their homes than negotiate with a car dealer”, and I find that beautiful, cuz I’m one of those anxious Millennials who prefer mobile apps versus face-to-face negotiations.

Business Model

The success of an on-demand online buy and sell used automobile mobile app is partly dependent on the sort of business strategy you adopt for your firm. So, before you begin the process of hiring a mobile app developer, it is always a good idea to understand your company's needs, who you want to target, what sort of services you want to offer, and compare rivals, and understand the workflow.

Dedicated Car Buying and Selling App

This is a business strategy that is typically explored by organizations with many operational offices in various places. A specialized automobile sale and buy app business model will give a specific platform to company owners and automate their sell and purchase procedure. Additionally, business owners can promote available autos for sale, and consumers can submit a direct enquiry and proceed with the transaction. Furthermore, the app's owner has complete control over updating, deleting, and removing the listed automobiles from the app.

Model for an Aggregator Car Sell and Buy App

This is a sort of app concept that serves as a platform for buyers and sellers to sell and purchase vehicles. The app owner's primary purpose is to provide a platform for sellers and dealers to publish adverts, display automobiles of various models, and allow buyers to seek better options that meet their demands. As an app owner, you may profit from every transaction done using this app model.


Customers' buying habits and requirements have shifted as a result of technological advancements. The growing use of mobile applications has altered the way consumers shop for little and large purchases. And purchasing or selling an automobile is no exception.

Classified firms provide consumers with the ease of checking the availability of used automobiles on the platform, their specs, the number of years it has been used, and the price by releasing an app. Furthermore, before making a final decision to purchase an automobile, customers may look at other parameters such as a model, average mileage, speed, and more.

While the world is rapidly moving toward digital solutions, businesses are rapidly shifting from conventional to digital platforms.

However, vehicle investors are in a quandary regarding how to produce prospective money from the business investment in establishing a buy and sell car mobile app. If you're in the same boat, we've compiled a list of the finest revenue-generating policies for your on-demand online vehicle purchase and sell mobile app.

  • commission fees on purchase - This form of monetization scheme is ideal for vehicle investors since it allows them to charge sellers a commission fee on each transaction done on the app. You may either specify a fixed sum for the purchase or a percentage based on multiple amount scales.
  • listing fees - If you are establishing an aggregator model and offering a platform for your user base, it will be a perfect chance for you to charge sellers a listing fee. You may establish a preset amount for the number of listings so that your app generates more cash.
  • in-app ads - It will be a wonderful choice to provide third-party vehicle firms advertising space in your app in exchange for a price to run an advertisement on your app. When selecting this form of income source, be sure you include relevant adverts to promote client engagement.


The following are some important strategies and key factors to consider while advertising your auto and vehicle apps. These suggestions will boost the exposure and rating of your auto and vehicles app.

Don't dismiss the power of social media

Such options include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and many more. You may use these channels to spread the news about your mobile app and assist users in achieving their objectives. This strategy works even if your mobile app was designed just to assist consumers when they are on the go.


Talking about your app with others or spreading the word about it at an event may be incredibly beneficial. It is excellent for you to interact with people in your vocation whether you are attending an event, delivering a presentation about your app, or simply visiting to observe the new applications or technologies offered in the event.


The Internet provides several advantages to app creators and owners who understand how to exploit this new technology. We recognize that developing this sort of software is not easy, but the benefits it provides urge developers to continue along this path and help drivers who wish to enhance their driving abilities or car performance.

Local Markets

If you invest in a plan to acquire new customers only to have them delete your mobile app, you've squandered your money. There, you will understand the significance of having a focused audience. It would be beneficial if you targeted customers who are interested in your mobile app and have a high value.

Enhance your Google SERPs

Do you know that the majority of people use Google to find a new car? According to a recent Kenshoo poll, over 70% of consumers utilize Google or other search engines when looking for new automobiles. Visitors and clicks are always concentrated in the first few or top rankings. That is why it is crucial to keep your app in the top place since it is critical to the success of your automobile marketing strategy.

Competitor keyword bidding

While we're discussing how to advertise your auto and vehicle applications through search engine marketing, it's critical that you don't only bid on obvious keywords. Instead, you must budget for your competitors' keywords before you can launch an effective automobile marketing campaign. Remember that car marketing or promotion is very competitive, therefore you are constantly at odds with your opponent. A great ad copy, which is your key to success, is another item that requires your undivided attention.

Deal with one user at a time

This is especially critical in the early stages. Your major focus should be user retention rather than user acquisition at first. By delivering the greatest services, you may try to turn them into devoted clients. Ask them questions regularly, listen to and comprehend their criticisms, give your assistance, and make every effort to keep them pleased. There is no greater marketing approach than word-of-mouth promotion.

Offer a helping hand

Not all of your gestures and activities result in the appearance of an app download button. Find users who are having issues, and if you can help them, give answers, and the app downloads will come later as a result!

Build a community

This is true for all mobile apps and enterprises. Building a community is crucial nowadays, and social media platforms are an excellent location to do so. Finally, surround yourself with people who share your goals and care about the same things you do.


When you are unsure of what to put in your app and what features and capabilities you want to offer, developing an on-demand automobile selling and purchasing an app is a difficult task. Before you begin, you should have an idea of the functionality you will require in your app. However, in order to assist you in developing a successful mobile app, we have prioritized the following features and functiona

Buyer’s profile panel:

  • Signup screen: Like all other applications, this one asked consumers to fill up basic information such as their name, contact information, email address, and so on. With social network integration, users can sign up for an account with a single click, and all of their information is instantly updated in the app's backend.
  • Search box: Allow consumers to filter automobile alternatives using numerous criteria such as car model, price range, color, brand, and more using this functionality. Allow purchasers to use different filters to narrow down the best-suited features. Search options may improve the user experience.
  • Compare cars: Since the main reason for using this app is to find cars at the most competitive rates in the user car market, this function in your app will not only allow users to compare the costs of the cars accessible on the app, but also identify variances in mileage, characteristics, and more.
  • Vehicle exchange: Include an automobile swap function to help consumers understand how much value they would receive if they exchange their cars. All they need to do is provide information on the automobiles, such as specs, models, and so on.
  • Contact dealers: It is critical to integrate this functionality in the aggregator business model and allow buyers to directly contact dealers for final negotiations.
  • Message request: Allow buyers to send direct messages to dealers for any reason, such as pricing quotations, automobile specs, and so on.
  • Schedule an appointment: Using this in-app tool, buyers may schedule an appointment and meet the sellers at a public location for a final discussion. They may also organize a test drive at the meeting to ensure that the automobile is in good working order before finalizing a purchase.
  • Loyalty programs: To enhance customer loyalty and extend the client base, it is worthwhile to provide customer loyalty points on every transaction that can be redeemed against the real bill amount.
  • Multi-payment option: in this day and age, individuals employ a variety of payment ways. implement this functionality and allow buyers to pay using a variety of payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and others.
  • In-app chat and call: it is recommended to have an in-app call and chat option to discuss any type of inquiry such as vehicle models, discounts, negotiations, and more to ensure seamless communication between clients and dealers.

Seller’s profile panel:

  • Signup screen: Just like the buyer's panel, provide a signup method for the sellers' profile. Allow the seller to sign up for an account using an email address, contact information, or credentials permitted by the administrator.
  • Car Listing: Allow vendors to display different car models under different categories so that customers may simply sift the possibilities based on their needs.
  • Specifications: Allow vendors to provide all automobile model characteristics, such as price, mileage, average speed, and more, to improve the customer experience.
  • Messages and Inquiries: Add a function to the seller's panel that allows them to read messages and enquiries sent by users, as well as respond to all of them.
  • Multi-payment: This is one of your app's most significant features. You can make it function flawlessly by hiring an app developer and implementing a multi-payment interface that allows retailers to move money via numerous payment channels.
  • Offers & Discounts: All sellers should publish discount offers, discounts, or promo codes on various automobile models in order to attract more clients to this platform.
  • Service Center Specifications: Handle any buyer inquiries about secondhand automobiles and roadside assistance services.


It is crucial to acknowledge that a mobile app should not be confined to a simple catalog. To be competitive in the automobile business, the application must be as beneficial as feasible.

Must-have Features

  • Being able to create a user profile
  • A uniform customer base
  • Viewing location
  • Geoforcing
  • Advanced search
  • Car page
  • Push notifications
  • Booking
  • Chat
  • Auto service
  • Comments
  • Contact

Nice-to-have Features

  • The ability to sell parts online
  • Settlement of accounts with suppliers and car owners
  • Automation of all computer processes
  • Integration of the dealer's mobile application with their website and email
  • Printing the necessary documents from templates
  • Reports on managers, sales, cars and other parameters
  • Implementation of newsletters via SMS and email
  • Static advertising
  • Auto inventory services
  • Collection of information on consumer preferences

To conclude this article, it is correct to state that creating an online used vehicle sell and purchase software is a difficult undertaking. While it is interesting, dependable, user-friendly, and informative, you must keep certain factors in mind to ensure that your app works on the same pitch. If you intend to create a mobile app similar to AutoScout24, Autovit, or AutoTrade, it is worthwhile to hire a mobile app development company that can provide better leads to sellers from the comfort of their own homes.

If you have a strategy in mind or are seeking new ideas, it is worthwhile to talk with our professionals to develop a solution that will provide your company with a competitive advantage. appssemble’s specialists will incorporate the latest technologies and methods in app development to ensure that your app works properly, resulting in an unrivaled quality solution. We’ll be waiting for the next best car buy/sell app idea from you. Until the next article, purchase carefully.


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