Mobile infotainment applications for smart cars

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Table of contents:

  • How many cars are there in the world?
  • What are apps for cars?
  • What do they do?
  • There’s an app for every experience

  • How many cars are there in the world?

    Short answer? Many. Way too many.

    There are so many that if they were all parked nose-to-tail, the line would extend from Sydney to London, back to Sydney, back to London, and back to Sydney. At least, that's what our basic calculations tell us.

    So, yeah, there are plenty. You were hoping for a bit more information, weren't you? So, continue reading.

    So how many are there really?

    The particular figures are a bit difficult to find, but Hedges Company says “There are 1.446 billion cars in the world in 2022. Most are in Asia, followed by Europe and North America. 19% of all vehicles are in the United States”, so we have to believe them.

    Do people use mobile apps on cars’ dashboards?

    When it comes to automobiles, phone applications appear to be a point of conflict for nearly everyone. According to a J.D.Power survey, drivers are still dissatisfied with the performance of their smartphone apps.

    The annoyance with phone apps comes from the fact that software has become an essential aspect of the new automobile experience. In 2020, 45% of consumers did not utilize the app that came with their automobile. By 2021, that proportion would have decreased to only 25%. People prefer a mobile app connected to a car rather than an already installed one because they lack the functionality owners want.

    What are apps for cars?

    Cars are becoming more intelligent and businesses have a strong need for mobile apps. The classic radio in most automobiles has evolved into an interactive dashboard, and data in your vehicle is now more accessible than it has ever been. But the use of mobile apps is winning grounds in cars’ dashboards. If you thought creating mobile applications for Android, iOS, and others was difficult, prepare for the next major platform: developing apps for use in automobiles. Four businesses are driving the effort to create a smart car using their OS:

    • Google
    • Apple
    • BlackBerry
    • Ford

    Google created the Android Auto auto operating system, whereas Apple has CarPlay. They'll function similarly, you connect your Android or iOS device to your car's USB port, and the device will power the screen.

    Car operating systems are not perfect clones of iOS and Android since they must account for the particular environment and hardware of an automobile, including keeping distractions to a minimum, but it’s a perfect niche to invest in the future years because the market is growing and the demand for car interfaced apps are increasing too.

    One day in the coming future, all mobile developers will be required to design or alter their apps for automobiles. However, developing a mobile app for automobiles entails much more than simply coding it for the operating system used by the vehicle. Apps for automobiles have certain restrictions, notably in terms of safety and distraction, and you can check the guidelines for iOS here and for Android here.

    However, here are 6 general guidelines of the department regarding distractions:

    • Reduce the device's complexity and task length;
    • Limit gadget usage to one hand (the other hand should stay on the steering wheel (to operate the car);
    • Individual off-road glances necessary for device functioning should not last longer than two seconds.
    • Limit the duration of each off-road look necessary for gadget functioning to no more than two seconds.
    • Reduce the amount of visual information in the driver's field of vision that is unneeded.
    • Reduce the number of manual inputs needed for gadget functioning.

    What do they do?

    Smartphones aren't the only devices on which apps will reign supreme. Apps will certainly become a larger part of our driving experience as our cars get smarter. We will be able to track charge levels and operate various car features using smartphone apps connected to automobiles.

    In terms of the in-car experience, thanks to built-in software and applications, our vehicles will be able to successfully interface with our mobile devices.

    What most people don't realize is that many developers working in a mobile app development firm have also built mobile applications that improve the driving experience, giving your smartphone strength, and turning it into a tool that fights distracted driving rather than causes it. Distracted driving apps encourage safe driving or even prohibit you from using your phone while driving to keep your focus off your phone and on the road.

    Even while distracted driving is not a new problem, it is real and growing by the day. People are injured, and some are killed, as a result of traffic accidents caused by distracted driving. It is no secret that our cell phones contribute significantly to the rise in distracted driving accidents. So, follow the guidelines and create the best app to support the driver's experience.

    There’s an app for every driving experience

    Car apps were made to ease people’s lives, I’m sure of it. We went crazy with creating mobile apps for our mobile devices like food delivery apps , social networking apps, or even car selling apps, and now it’s time to let the car app grow and shine. As we’ve said before, a car is no longer a privilege, but an important part of our lives and comfort. The world moves at a quicker pace, the destinations are moving further and further away, so we do need a vehicle to move around these days.

    Once you own a car, you check that box and start having other needs from it, needs that are usually satisfied by consulting an app. Now let’s take the next step and upgrade to the next logical thing, and start using the apps on the car’s dashboard, it’s easier, more convenient, and gets the job done just as well.

    With that in mind, we’ve pulled 20+ app categories, covering a wide category that any mobile app startup can embrace in their business, to suit the user’s needs. Here they are:

    1. GPS apps

    Today's market is seeing an increase in the number of location-based apps that make users' daily life more pleasurable and easy. Because of their particular usage, such mobile apps have a prominent role in the mobile app business. Position monitoring, GPS data, and map integration are important elements of such an app.

    2. Gas & fuel apps

    Gas & fuel apps are relying on crowdsourced data and they are designed to help the user find the gas stations and the places with the cheapest gas near them. Users can participate in reporting the price and easily access the data when they’re on the road. That sounds like a good app idea for a car app, right?

    3. Parking apps

    It is a unique mobile app idea for startups as the number of vehicle owners increases day by day and finding a parking place for your vehicle becomes difficult whether you reside in a large location or visit large cities, malls, shopping centers, theme parks, or other regions. Parking place finder apps are nowhere to assist you in finding a free parking space. They employ cameras, GPS, parking information, and real-time location to provide the customer with open space whenever he needs it.

    4. Music streaming apps

    Today, there are several Online Music Streaming Apps on the market that have received a large number of downloads. Users may now listen to any song online without having to download it using such apps. Furthermore, the user may construct playlists of his favorite music based on his mood. It is the ideal app concept for attracting music fans.

    5. Video streaming apps

    Users of video streaming applications may download any video material while watching it. It saves time on buffering and allows users to watch information online rapidly without storing it on another device. Some apps also allow users to watch videos while they are not connected to the internet.

    6. Bus booking apps

    What if you’ll need to travel by bus once or twice, or the path to work or school requires a bus driver? Well, there are options of bus booking apps ideas to solve quickly in the car before departing. A bus booking app, which is an online bus ticketing platform, provides its customers with a ticket booking service. Gone are the days when we used to book tickets from the ticket window. A bus booking mobile app is automated and controls the conventional database, bus ticket booking, and bus tracking.

    7. Car maintenance & service apps

    Car servicing applications are now in great demand in the industry. We generally utilize offline vehicle services, which are extremely inconvenient for us because we have to pick up and drop off our car at the service facility. This procedure takes a long time. However, with a car service app, we no longer need to worry since the car service companies listed on the car service mobile app will even pick up your vehicle.

    8. Dashboard cam apps

    You may never need a dashcam. You'll be glad you spent the money if the scenario arises. Believe it or not, dash cameras are more helpful than you think! While the initial cost may appear to be high, dash cameras have been shown to assist drivers to save money in the long term by keeping them out of hit-and-runs, car accidents, and other mishaps. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is being secured by your silent witness is priceless.

    9. Hotel & restaurant booking apps

    We don't enjoy having to wait for a long period in a restaurant or hotel these days. We just want rapid hotel and table reservations with excellent service. As a result, a Hotel & Restaurant booking app might be a practical solution for providing such a service. This type of app benefits both hotel and restaurant owners and customers. It allows customers to choose their favorite hotel and restaurant using AI and then provides them a wonderful online discount in exchange for their trust and loyalty.

    10. Rental & booking apps

    People nowadays go on lengthy vacations when they need to find a place to stay. As a result, the rental booking software makes it easier for them to discover a rental house. The app contains a list of all available properties, whether they are for rent or sale. The user may choose any home based on their geographical preferences and budget.

    11. Price comparison apps

    We tend to compare the pricing of the same thing everywhere we can, whether we are shopping online or in person. This practice allows you to save a lot of money. So, why select a time-consuming method when you may compare rates most simply and conveniently? It may be a stressful chore at times. As a result of technological improvement, several Price Comparison Apps on the market will provide you with the same service.

    12. Packers & Movers apps

    Packers & Movers App is a user-friendly platform that allows users to book any packing and moving firm featured on the app based on their location and price choices. In addition, the chosen organization is responsible for the following tasks. As a result, the on-demand packers and movers app provides a simple and hassle-free service.

    13. Taxi booking apps

    You may quickly order a cab using your cell phone from anywhere at any time, why not be able to do it from your car’s dashboard? A cab booking smartphone app has different features that allow you to book a cab based on your needs, such as how many seats you want, any color choice, any kind, or you can pool if you're riding with other people, and much more.

    14. Cleaning Services apps

    Using such applications, the user may explore and search for cleaning services by filtering them based on their budget, reviews, and other factors. They may book the cleaning service for their automobile at a time that is convenient for them. Customers may also track the whereabouts of the service provider using the app's real-time location function. Finally, after using the cleaning services, the consumer should be able to pay securely using the app's numerous payment choices.

    15. News apps

    Yeah, you have the radio for this one, but how do you filter between all the music and ads? Easier to use an app on the topic, category, and filter exactly what you want to listen to. Mobile applications for News are developing in the market to help with this. First, they provide their users with the news and information they desire to read. Then, they provide the facts in an easily accessible way that effectively guides consumers to the items of their choosing.

    16. Healthcare apps

    Such smartphone apps aid in linking people with healthcare professionals to address health-related topics such as choosing the doctor from the list according to the available budget, scheduling an appointment, sharing reports and other medical details, and paying for the treatment, prescription, and other invoices.

    17. Mental Health apps

    Unfortunately, mental health is not taken as seriously as it needs to be, but here is why any startup could develop these ideas to help anybody in need. Such smartphone apps provide users with the professional abilities required to assist someone in need from anywhere on the planet. Furthermore, many applications include questions concerning suicide and self-harm. Following that, the app determines the safety issue based on the responses it gets.

    18. Weather apps

    Why not learn the weather before it starts raining? It might make a difference between the two. An app of this type should have features such as local weather, a weather map, and weather widgets. For example, it should inform the user of the current weather conditions in their area. Furthermore, such applications must include information on air pressure, visibility distance, meteorological conditions, relative humidity, dew point, and other factors.

    19. To-do list apps

    We all have lists of things we need to do or buy or so. I think it comes with age when you start forgetting things, but I like to say that it’s an effective method of systematization. To-do list applications allow you to arrange your chores and meet your deadlines. Furthermore, such applications may be used to manage everything from grocery lists to work-related activities and much more. As a result, this is the ideal strategy to make your life easy when it comes to getting things done.

    20. Auto call answer apps

    Such apps enable users to answer an incoming call without even touching the smartphone's screen. This software is designed for self-use and works well without the need for a Bluetooth headset. It instantly switches the user to speakerphone so that he can hear the caller. The user can toggle it on and off as needed.

    21. Real-time voice to text messaging apps

    This app is designed to convert audio to text in real-time for taking notes. These are useful for professionals who are often on the go and driving. If you think faster than you write, such applications will help you enhance productivity while also safely storing your sound and recordings in the cloud. Furthermore, these apps should have shortcuts, accuracy, and language support.

    22. Email apps

    Email applications have been a popular online communication tool for both personal and professional uses in recent years. These applications allow users to easily read, send, and receive emails on their devices. These tools save you time while also keeping your emails secure. Push notifications can even provide you with information about your emails without you having to open them.

    23. Blockchain apps

    Blockchain mobile apps have the potential to improve all major sectors. That is why Bitcoin is ideal for mobile app concepts. A blockchain tax and invoicing tool, for example, would be ideal for determining the amount of tax that users must pay depending on their income. Now move everything on the car’s dashboard for people on the go.

    24. eCommerce apps

    It’s the best, easy, and most convenient way to shop without actually going shopping. The user can search for any product, of any range, of any type, etc. The eCommerce app list varies from products of wide ranges. The payment method is also easy; the user can pay online or choose cash on delivery option.

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