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Here at appssemble we forge mobile apps. The apps we build use cutting edge technology on every mobile platform and are developed on the latest hardware. We bring your idea to life and provide you with the tool you need to make the world a better place and touch in an meaningful way the lives of others. We execute projects for clients all over the world and our services also include business to business models. We focus on only one client at a time in order to provide high quality services and to be able to focus on every detail of your project in order to be time and cost efficient. All the services needed for your application are in-house made, we provide solutions for design, development, testing, publishing and advertising. Last but not least, we offer consultantcy services related to all the mobile apps lifecycle and code audits.

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What we do

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Our developers have over 5 years experience. They have worked on various projects involving navigation systems, smart home automation as well as various social and business apps which serve millions of people every day.


We love to develop apps on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows). We also take care of the backend of your product by developing custom tailored APIs and services that fulfill your needs. We are proficient in Objective-C/Swift, Java, C/C++ and Ruby On Rails, but we are always eager to experiment with something new.


We offer client-based relocation, which means our developers can go and work near you so that you can give your input on every step of the development process allowing you to control and monitor the progress. Also we provide site based support and consultancy in the following languages Romanian, English and Deutch.

Custom build

We build custom solutions such that the owners can customize the way they work. Moreover we provide insightful information about the app usage, and how the users interact with it. Our processes follow the agile methodology and we are fond of continuous integration. Furthermore we provide real time builds for our customers.

Top-notch standards

Our apps are pixel perfect and run seamlessly on the all devices you target. Our code respects client agreed coding standards and takes advantage of the latest APIs available. Coding is done in Objective-C / Swift, Java and C#. All our apps are manually and automated tested to provide the highest quality to our customers.


We offer great value for money and customer tailored processes. We focus on only one client at the time and we provide 24/7 support, free maintainance for every app for 1 year by making sure that your apps run on every new release of the mobile OS.


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